screen3In addition to being a virtual attorney, NoTix® is a traffic tool and  GPS tracker that records your location and speed to give you your own  personal evidence contrary to that of the police officer. It can assist  in establishing your speed at a particular location should you be  stopped and receive a ticket. It is your virtual attorney for all  criminal matters anywhere in the United States. screen1It displays a realtime  readout that will tell you your location, speed currently traveling at,  average speed and distance covered. It provides a popup that allows you  to forward information to the office of a traffic ticket attorney in the state where you received the ticket or were involved in an accident, or any other criminal matter. By merely pushing the "I need assistance"  button, your phone number, email address and location are  instantaneously transmitted to an attorney who can contact you during  the stop.screen4 NoTix®  allows you to take photos of the ticket or accident  scene and have those photos forwarded to the attorney along with your  contact information. It provides information on what to do if you are  currently stopped by the police. NoTix® will save your trips and will  display your pinpointed intervals on Google Maps along with your  latitude, longitude, city, state and speed traveled at each interval.  Your trips can also be exported as a csv file that can be saved in  Google Docs. This information can prove to be extremely helpful when  defending against a traffic ticket or other criminal matter.

screen5By  logging in through Facebook, NoTix® allows you to network and  communicate with other users in your area. This feature is best used to  notify other users, within a 30 mile radius of your location, about  traffic situations to avoid. You can also share the app with your  contacts. Download NoTix® now and start enjoying this great app!

We  recommend plugging your phone into a power source, if possible, while  using NoTix. The GPS features in this app, as with all GPS enabled apps, is resource intensive. You can prolong battery life by increasing the  tracking interval time in the settings.


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